Wind Turbine Emulator

Wind Turbine Emulator Workshop – 10.11.2016 by Siamak Pourkeivannour


First Session Thursday 10/11/2016 14:30

Second Session Thursday 10/11/2016  17:30

Abstract on WTE:
In order to study wind energy conversion systems, it is highly desirable to have access to a real time wind turbine emulator. It is quite obvious that to study the behavior of a new generator or a controller or a new control strategy these components must be tested under realistic conditions. A wind turbine emulator makes this possible under controlled conditions. The idea is to control an electrical motor by a computer model so that for a given wind data, the shaft of the motor runs at the same speed and torque as the actual wind turbine. For an effective wind turbine emulator, the aerodynamic and the kinetic characteristics of a real wind turbine must be well replicated. The generator and the electronics necessary to convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy can be the actual hardware to be used in the field. The advantage of an emulator is that different wind turbines and operating conditions can be emulated using this system. Moreover, this safe test environment allows testing of the generator and power electronics under hazardous conditions, which otherwise may be impossible.

Workshop topics:
  • Wind Turbine Emulator Concept
  • The hardware we work on
  • Real wind turbines power characteristics
  • Control strategies developed on the set
  • A brief tutorial on Labview (This can be continued on further workshops)
  • Discussion