Research League

Research League

It is finally here !

Research league is a mini-research group supervised by Mesut Uğur under PowerLab research group. The main focus of this league is an inter-disciplinary project called: “Development of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive (IMMD)”.

We are looking for new undergraduate and graduate members for our league. If you are interested, feel free to contact Mesut Uğur from:

The following are the main topics studied under this project:


  • Power stage design, modeling and simulation
  • Loss characterization of GaN based motor drive system
  • Development of motor drive control algorithms with enhanced fault tolerance
  • Power converter PCB design and implementation
  • Control electronics and processor board PCB design
  • Embedded control system development with C2000 family DSPs
  • Development of filters with planar magnetics
  • Spatial design of IMMD with CAD
  • Design of modular permanent magnet machines and finite element analysis
  • Thermal model development, simulation and heatsink design
  • Power electronics and motor drive testing